New Beer & New Gluten Free Option

Well we decided to bite the bullet at the Bare Bistro and introduce a couple of popular domestic beers to our menu.  For 2 weeks we have ran with Coors Light and Canadian to find out the response.  That response has been GREAT.    We will continue to carry Coor’s Light and Canadian on our menu as well as few other new additions.

These new additions are….

For those who have a gluten intolerance we have added Corona, YAY !! Based on the PPM % of Gluten, Corona only has 20 ppm making it a great gluten free option.    We say drink up to those with an intolerance to Gluten ( and don’t forget to ask for your lime )

And… last but not least another 2 new additions to our Amsterdam line-up.  We have added Blood Orange Radler and another new refreshing beer with a dash of citrus and tropical hints, this beer is Cruiser and it looks to be a winner 🙂

Update on Affligem .. We apologize for those looking to purchase an Affligem beer. This product has been out of stock with our supplier and we have tried all avenues to get our hands on a case or 2..  



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